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Near the Tour Eiffel, les Invalides and Montparnasse, our hotel is conveniently served by the metro stations: Ségur, Cambronne and Sèvres-Lecourbe, which connect you in the blink of an eye to the most renowned tourist and historical sites of the capital.


A 10-minute walk or 6 minutes by car from our hotel.

The symbol of Paris, it rises to 324 meters in height and weighs more than 10,000 tonnes. Close to the hotel, the Iron Lady is the emblem of the city of lights and offers visitors a breath-taking 360° view over the capital.


A 15-minute walk, 3 minutes by car, or 15 minutes by metro from our hotel.

Built in the seventeenth century to house the maimed soldiers of Louis XIV’s armies, the Hôtel des Invalides, recognizable by its magnificent golden dome of gold leaf, today hosts one of the greatest military history and art museums in the world. It is here, in the church under the dome, where the tomb of Emperor Napoleon I is found.


Less than 20 minutes walk, 3 minutes by car, 15 minutes by metro from our hotel.

Montparnasse is renowned for being the stronghold of many intellectuals and artists attracted by the influence of Paris. Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse, Chagall, Dali, Sartre and dozens of others lived in or frequented this area. Painters, poets, writers, photographers, musicians… have made Montparnasse a place of history that still retains some of its old soul. Lively and trendy today, it is full of restaurants, shops, pubs, theatres and music halls.


Less than 30 minutes walk, 7 minutes by car and 15 minutes by metro from our hotel.

Between two sightseeing visits of Paris, stop in the sumptuous Trocadéro gardens and the 93,000 m2 of wooded area; discover the famous Warsaw fountain and its 20 water cannons, the sculptures... From here you have a splendid view of the Tour Eiffel.


A 30-minute walk, 7 minutes by car or 15 minutes by metro from our hotel.

The Porte de Versailles area hosts the largest Exhibition Centre in France, with large scale shows, fairs and events of a global scope (the Boat show, the World automobile show, the Paris Fair...). Porte de Versailles is also home to the Palais des Sports (sports arena), which offers major sporting events, but also concerts and shows.


A 30-minute walk, 9 minutes by car, 20 minutes by metro from our hotel.

Often called “the most beautiful avenue in the world,” the Champs-Elysees stretches nearly 2km and connects the Place de la Concorde and the Place Charles de Gaulle. Lined with luxury shops, show halls, movie theatres, restaurants, and hosting the final stage of the Tour de France, this prestigious avenue is one of the symbols of Paris attracting thousands of tourists.


A 30-minute walk, 7 minutes by car, 15 minutes by metro from our hotel.

A hotspot of Parisian cultural and intellectual life, Saint-Germain-des-Prés was the stronghold of many philosophers, writers, artists and musicians such as Boris Vian, Simone de Beauvoir, Juliette Greco, Godard and Jacques Prévert, who gathered in brasseries and wineries in the area. Today, small businesses have been replaced by luxury boutiques and fashion stores, but this lively neighbourhood has remained one of the symbols of Paris.


Unesco headquarters: at 650 metres

Necker Hospital: at 650 metres

Institut Pasteur: a 13-minute walk

The Théâtre du Point-Virgule: a 20 minute walk

The Jardin du Luxembourg

a 30-minute walk or 9 minutes by car

The Beaugrenelle new shopping mall, (120 shops over 45,000 m2): a 20-minute walk or 8 minutes by car

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